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IEM Leadership

Executive Leadership

Madhu Beriwal
Founder and Chairwoman

Bryan Koon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Nick Lattanzi
Vice President for Digital Services and National Security Solutions

Ted Lemcke
Chief Technology Officer

Jon Mabry
Vice President of Disaster Recovery (CIA, CISA, CFSA, CCSA, CBM)

Dan Michael, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Brad Tiffee
Chief Administrative Officer


Dr. Rashid Chotani
Chief Medical Director

Michelle Croney

Mark Ference
Director of Information Technology Services

Bill Hall
Director of Workforce Logistics

John Schlegel, CPA
Director of Finance & Pricing

Amy Stewart
Director of Human Resources

Stephanie Tennyson
Chief Communications Director


Alex Amparo
Director of Puerto Rico Critical Infrastructure

David Andrews
Director of International Homeland Security

Ottmar Chavez
Director of Caribbean Region Operations

James Clark
Director of Response and Recovery

Dr. Andrew Coffey
Director of National Security Technologies

Ken Gordon
Director of Federal Response Programs

Don Griffith
Director of Response Operations

Jared Jakubowski
Director of Disaster Recovery Program Operations

Tim Lagudi
Director of Disaster Recovery Program Delivery

Don Mason
Director of Digital Modernization

Earl Randall III
Director of Disaster Recovery Program Compliance and Monitoring

Kristin Robinson
Director of FEMA Strategic Programs

Gary Scronce
Senior Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Chris Smith
Director of Individual Assistance and Disaster Housing

Dr. Debra Smith
Director of Disaster Recovery and HUD Services

Velasquez III

Director of Big City Emergency Management


Dr. Prasith “Sid” Baccam
Senior Advisor for Emerging Technologies

Pamela Patenaude
Senior Executive Advisor

Edward Johnson
Senior Executive Advisor

Elizabeth Zimmerman
Senior Executive Advisor

Paul Knierim
Senior Advisor for Federal Law Enforcement

Bruce Lockwood
Manager of Special Projects

David Maxwell
Senior Advisor for Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Jay Mitchell
Senior Advisor for Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Dr. Clifford Oliver
Senior Advisor for Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Jeffrey Sural
Senior Advisor for Broadband Policy and Infrastructure

Kristal Turner-Childs
Senior Advisor for Law Enforcement

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