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What We Do

IEM has over 39 years of experience supporting state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) agencies in their disaster response operations. Our team is committed to bolstering response capabilities by providing rapid, on-site emergency management assistance to tackle complex disaster events

IEM understands the increased demands placed on Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and can quickly deploy our experienced and equipped personnel, including former FEMA, state, and local leaders within hours to respond to a crisis event. Whether your team requires additional expertise to ensure emergency support functions are fully operational or needs to be relieved through staffing augmentation, IEM is prepared to support your response efforts.

Flexibility is a hallmark of our services. We are capable of adjusting our response logistics and operations support to all types of hazards, from hurricanes to public health crises, and their unique challenges.

Our EOC activation capabilities during hurricanes and other severe weather events includes supporting damage assessments, public information and communications, and planning, operations, and logistical support. During the 2020 hurricane season, we rapidly adapted the dual disaster of COVID-19 and tropical storms to support non-congregate sheltering operations and enforced social distancing to protect the health and safety of individuals.

In support of local COVID-19 mass vaccination planning, logistics, and program management, our team of scientists, epidemiologists, and disease progression modelers worked to provide vulnerable populations with equitable access to vaccines and antibody therapies and critical modeling to SLTT decision makers.

IEM is prepared to address your critical emergency, crisis, and public health response needs.

Our commitment of excellence in serving our clients is upheld through our preparation, knowledge, and flexible response.

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