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Energy Security Planning

An Essential Partner in Energy Security

Energy security is vital to our nation’s critical infrastructure framework. IEM is your partner in preparing for, responding to, and mitigating the impacts of energy supply disruptions. Whether it’s staffing emergency operations centers following power outages, fuel shortages, or other energy-related crises; or developing hazard mitigation plans for specific critical infrastructure, IEM experts will work with you to design, implement, and maintain tailored, holistic, and meaningful strategies that safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure continuity of essential services.

IEM has strategically developed and positioned our internal resources to support the energy sector’s emergency management needs, and our track record shows it. In addition to our state and local work, are currently support private, investor-owned utilities; public power entities; and rural electric cooperatives with energy emergency exercises, resilience planning, and operational functions. Our team sits at the nexus of energy security and emergency management, and we are well-practiced in applying real-world lessons to practicum, leveraging professional networks for unique insights, and working with diverse groups of stakeholders to ensure that our clients are in the best-informed and connected position they can be.

We are involved, informed and innovative.

Leveraging a performance-based methodology, IEM provides specific improvements to clients’ status by creating or supporting risk awareness and assessment activities; delivering innovative solutions and technology training and exercise programs; actionable, functional, and effective emergency response plans; and long-term resilience plans focusing on actionable solutions to ensure energy security in the face of complex, dynamic forces such as severe, complex weather events and interdependent systems.

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IEM delivers innovative strategies, data-driven insights, and direct operational support to states, territories, and the private sector to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and secure human health and safety, economic security, and national security.

IEM Experience in the Energy Sector
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  • Our subject matter experts have compiled IEM’s high-level energy security capabilities in a downloadable format.

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Energy Security Capabilities
  • Pipeline and volatile liquid incident response planning
  • Full-cycle physical and cybersecurity exercise planning, conduct and evaluation
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) and feasibility
  • Regional black sky planning
  • Local long-term power outage interdependency and gap analysis
  • Disaster response surge support for SLTT entities and electric utilities
  • Disaster recovery and grant management services for SLTT and utilities (FEMA Public Assistance, HUD CDBG-Disaster Recovery and Mitigation)
  • Hazard mitigation planning (FEMA HMGP, BRIC)
  • Drone and GIS-aided infrastructure inspections and damage assessments
  • Threat and hazard modeling (e.g., physical attacks, cyber-attacks, infrastructure failure, critical interdependencies, downstream impacts, and climate change modeling)
  • Energy emergency response planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Security and resilience applications for smart and microgrids
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Management
  • Intrastate Cybersecurity Planning
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Organizational Maturity and Resilience
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) incident response planning and materials security
  • Physical security audits

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Energy Security Planning

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