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Mass Transit Security and Preparedness

Mass transit serves 34 million passengers each day—17 times the number of daily airline passengers—making it a key component of our nation’s critical infrastructure. It is also one of our most vulnerable and threatened components. Operating on extremely limited budgets, transit officials need efficient, customized, and experienced support to improve protection for known threats and to prepare for continuously emerging threats.

Real Experience

Our in-house team of experts has provided emergency and security planning, training, and exercise support to some of the largest mass transit agencies in the United States, including Amtrak, Los Angeles County Metro, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and many others. Our team is composed of full-time transit-experienced employees, not consultants, allowing us to provide a consistent level of expertise to every customer, every time.

Customized Solutions

IEM’s support is customized, never cookie-cutter. Our team is 100% focused on building solutions that are specific to your agency’s needs, structure, layout, and capabilities. Our work is guided by experience and best practices, not dictated by a set of templates that must be followed.

Efficient Support

Through the course of our experience, we have developed best practices and process efficiencies that benefit every mass transit agency we partner with. We can minimize cost without ever sacrificing quality.

Honest Broker

Our evaluations and recommendations are driven by facts and guided by standards and industry practices, rather than what we think you want to hear.We gather relevant data and analyze it carefully to help you determine what strategies will achieve the most return for every dollar you spend. In addition, we understand that you are entrusting us with sensitive information and we always treat it with the care and confidentiality it requires.

Mass Transit Security Solutions and Services Provided

  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Regional Coordination Planning
  • NIMS/ICS training for senior staff
  • CBRNE Awareness training for front-line supervisors
  • Mass Transit Emergency Operations Center (EOC) design, training, and task books
  • Mass Transit Continuity of Operations
  • Mass Transit Emergency Operations Plans
  • Emergency Management Program Management
  • Transit Security Grant Program Management
  • Security Plan Audit/Review
  • HSEEP-compliant exercises
  • COMPSTAT process
  • CPTED for transit
  • Mass transit/transportation policing and security strategies
  • Investigative case review of criminal/non-criminal incidents
  • Security training/awareness videos
Mass Transit Security and Preparedness

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