IEM is the world’s largest woman-led disaster management firm.

IEM’s mission is to build a

safe, secure, and resilient world 


IEM accomplishes this mission by working closely with government agencies and private sector organizations around the world to improve disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation and strengthen homeland security and defense, public health, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure. We create science-based tools, technology and strategies that help our customers achieve measurable results—saving lives, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and facilitating evidence-based decision making.

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Our History

The largest woman-owned business of its kind, IEM was founded by current President and CEO, Madhu Beriwal, in February 1985, and was one of the first companies in the world to focus exclusively on emergency management. Ms. Beriwal recognized a distinct need to integrate science and objectivity into decisions about public protection, moving preparedness from a subjective foundation to one based on quantitative data. That vision from over 35 years ago built the company that today is helping government agencies and the private sector save lives. Since inception, IEM has expanded beyond disaster preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery to offer a range of services and solutions that also strengthen homeland security and defense, public health, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure.


Watch to learn more about IEM’s values, our commitment to the customers and mission, our early beginnings and signature projects.

Our Leadership

Madhu Beriwal

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ted Lemcke

Chief Technology Officer

Rich Rowe, MG (USA., Ret)

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Michael

Chief Financial Officer

We utilize interdisciplinary teams of subject matter experts, scientists, engineers, IT experts, and other professionals who are not satisfied with surface solutions. Our slogan “I Think, Therefore IEM” is more than our tagline; it is our commitment to attract people who have superb technical skills, creative minds, and innovative ideas—and like to apply them for the greater good.

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