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Ted Lemcke

Chief Technology Officer

Ted Lemcke, Chief Technology Officer, is a highly accomplished professional with over three decades of experience in the technology sector, particularly in Department of Defense command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence systems. Ted has significantly contributed to IEM’s technology business segment and significant projects, including the executive management support for large-scale housing recovery programs in New York and Louisiana.

Ted’s professional journey is marked by his service in the Army and the national intelligence community, participating in various command and staff positions. A veteran of Operation Desert Storm, he began his career in military intelligence, managing data with advanced systems. His military career is complemented by his expertise in environmental science, making him a well-rounded leader in technology and emergency management.

In over three decades at IEM, Ted has been a driving force behind several critical initiatives. He was the primary architect of a simulation-based acquisition tool suite for a major federal program, significantly saving government resources and earning a Profiles in Innovation Product Impact Award. His expertise also extends to developing atmospheric dispersion models and leading the development of grant management software widely used by numerous organizations.

Ted has applied systems engineering approaches to policy-shaping technical analyses for defense, including studies of vulnerabilities impacting force projection, the feasibility of sensor systems for detecting threats, and the effects of protective systems on public safety and security.

Ted’s tenure at IEM has seen him in various roles, including Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Information Technology and Systems Engineering. He has demonstrated exceptional skills in overseeing complex projects. His leadership in negotiating significant contracts and managing numerous subcontractors has been pivotal in successfully distributing over one billion dollars in grant funding.

Ted’s career is a testament to his diverse skill set and deep understanding of technology, emergency management, and military operations. His strategic leadership at IEM has not only contributed to the company’s success but has also had a substantial impact on public safety and disaster recovery efforts.

Ted holds a bachelor’s degree from the Military Academy at West Point and a master’s from Louisiana State University.

Ted Lemcke

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