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In the days, weeks, and months following a disaster, IEM helps communities by delivering planning, technical assistance, and programmatic support. IEM provides fiscal and programmatic assistance with recovery—exploring all funding opportunities, managing program and financial documentation, and identifying necessary and available resources to support a robust community recovery. Just as importantly, IEM supports public officials, planners, and community members by developing and implementing a long-term recovery strategy to foster a disaster-resilient and economically stable community—one that is prepared for future disasters.

Our technical support helps clients facing complex recovery challenges with a particular focus on building stronger, more disaster-resilient communities as an integral part of disaster recovery. IEM assists on FEMA’s Individual Assistance and Public Assistance for communities made eligible by a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration as well as Hazard Mitigation.
IEM is the most successful CBDG-DR Housing Recovery Program Manager. We ensure that HUD’s Community Disaster Block Grant—Disaster Recovery funds effectively and efficiently aid in a community’s recovery.

IEM Services Include:

  • Community Resiliency
    • Strategic long-term recovery planning
    • Fiscal management and review
    • Federal auditing support
    • Programmatic development and management
  • Public Assistance
    • Damage Assessments
    • Damage Inventory Development
    • Project Formulation
    • 406 Hazard Mitigation, Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP), Insurance, Floodplain Management
    • Project Reimbursement
    • Project Closeout
  • Individual Assistance
    • Damage Assessments
    • Individuals and Households Program Assistance
    • Direct Housing Assistance
    • Disaster Unemployment Assistance
    • Disaster Case Management and Intake Operations
    • Voluntary Agency Coordination
    • Long-Term Recovery Plan Development
  • HUD Community Disaster Block Grant—Disaster Recovery

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