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IEM takes an international approach to responding to disasters and crises. Our team of emergency management and response experts anticipate the far-reaching repercussions of an emergency or natural disaster and provide innovative solutions to mitigate threats regardless of geographic location or international border.

We are dedicated to protecting public health and safety, strengthening homeland security and community preparedness, and building resilience across the globe.
Since its founding in 1985, IEM has completed international projects in nine countries to strengthen initiatives ranging from chemical stockpile and facility emergency preparedness to safety reviews and program assessments. Our team is committed to helping our international partners rapidly respond to emergency events and develop assessments and tools to increase preparedness and build resilience before a disaster strikes. IEM prioritizes the safety of individuals and communities around the world and works to increase their capacity and capability to prepare for, prevent, and respond to, recovery from, and mitigate domestic and international threats.


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International Sector

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