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Strategic and Efficient Market Solutions for Complex Problems

IEM is deeply rooted in providing science and technology-based solutions leveraged by real-world experience. Our clients—whether government agencies or private sector organizations—count on IEM to help support the daily challenges they face in meeting defense, public health, homeland security and emergency management, IT, nuclear, or transportation needs. The following list provides links detailing IEM’s experience and expertise in these areas.

Staffed with veterans representing all major branches of the military, IEM provides products and services that represent a wide range of defense and national security solutions—including subject matter expertise in CBRNE, counterterrorism/counterinsurgency, modeling and simulation, program management, doctrine development, training and exercises, and research and development.

Our technical expertise and emergency management experience helps homeland security and emergency management groups tackle the safety, security, and protection challenges that they face every day. This includes working with health and medical professionals to ensure that they can provide an effective medical response during a disaster or medical crisis.

IEM’s outcome-focused IT solutions represent the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy, and usability. Deliverables include a full range of products and services, including software development, cybersecurity, staffing, systems integration, GIS/geospatial technologies, learning management systems, QA/IV&V, knowledge management, information assurance, and website/portal development.

Our expertise in radiological preparedness supports federal, state, and local government agencies in improving preparedness  for radiological emergencies.

IEM’s experience in multi-modal transportation and state-of-the-art technological solutions give transportation organizations cost-effective planning tools and the means to better manage issues such as evacuation, high travel demand, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), commodity flows, and public involvement in transportation safety and security planning.

Established both nationally and internationally as one of the leaders in emergency management and homeland defense, IEM is motivated and committed to providing the right solutions to meet your needs.

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