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After every major disaster, IEM has focused on providing financial stability to communities by helping state and local governments sequence recovery to maximize available resources and quickly restore communities.

IEM specializes in developing innovative strategies, technologies, and solutions that have helped more than 100 state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments achieve measurable results and outcomes that matter. Rather than simply providing recommendations that are costly and difficult to implement, we deliver practical, cost-effective solutions that truly work for our customers. Since 1985, these solutions have helped our customers save lives, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve decision making.


Agencies at every level of government are facing an unprecedented crisis in the fight against COVID-19, while they continue to manage ongoing recovery efforts and respond to concurrent disasters. IEM can help state and local governments better manage available response and recovery efforts and help procure the essential resources to build a safe, secure, and resilient community.


From planning before crisis or disaster strikes to long-term community recovery – IEM is with you from day one.

Our team of emergency management and crisis response leaders are committed to strengthening your agencies capabilities to respond to all-hazard disaster and crisis events. Our response team of prior local, state and federal emergency managers have the experience and knowledge to augment your staffing during a disaster activation to offer much needed relief to your staff in the Emergency Operations Center.

Following a disaster or crisis, our team will help you identify all available funding to help restore impacted public infrastructure and cover necessary expenses that allow local communities to return t more resilient than before. IEM understands that it can takes months – often years – for disaster survivors to fully recover. Our nationally recognized disaster recovery experts are experienced in managing long-term recovery programs that help communities rebuild stronger.

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