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IEM Broadband Services

IEM Broadband Services

Jon Mabry
Disaster Recovery
Vice President
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Tammy Breski
Broadband Infrastructure
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Dora Pleasant, CPA, CGMS
Grant Compliance, Monitoring and Risk Management
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Jeffrey Sural
Senior Advisor, Broadband

IEM Excels at Planning and Leveraging Federal Funds

IEM’s program managers and subject matter experts go above and beyond to target a program’s intended audience and then work to leverage federal funds across multiple programs to maximize funds to meet our clients’ needs.

IEM leads, manages and supports projects and integrated campaigns designed to bring communities together and drive results.

Our team has extensive experience in technology services, digital citizen services, community development and recovery, communications and public outreach, digital engagement, and grassroots organizing through our support to state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies and the federal government.

IEM’s team of experts understand the critical elements that are key to our partners’ success such as:

  • targeted outreach,
  • research and data collection,
  • technical support, and
  • last-mile deployment strategies.

IEM provides continued, flexible support throughout the lifecycle of a project to ensure our client’s success.

  • We design state specific programs that consider a state’s unique population and geography. We are experts in designing equitable access outreach programs, forecasting unique challenges that may arise during program implementation.

Why is Broadband so important?

Called the “other utility,” broadband is a necessary component in today’s world. From online schooling and telehealth to entertainment and keeping connected with family and friends, access to affordable, high-speed internet and devices are imperative in our society.

IEM Core Strengths

IEM’s core strengths include:

  • Strategic program development and management
  • Plan development and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Data development and analysis
  • GIS Mapping
  • Training and workforce development
  • System integration

Digital Inclusion Leads to Digital Equity

At each stage, our engagement and communication are geared towards meeting the goal of equitable inclusion of underserved communities including lower income residents with a special focus on socially disadvantaged individuals.

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IEM Broadband Services

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