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Modeling and Simulation


Providing Quantitative Analysis Through Modeling and Simulation

At the core of IEM’s success is the proven ability to quantitatively assess critical protection issues and options—and then translate these findings into strategies that can help reduce risk the most. Modeling and simulation tools offer quick, cost-effective, and objective techniques for assessing whether systems or policies in place can meet established objectives and/or desired goals.

Many clients call upon IEM to develop new models or evaluate and improve existing ones. We can fine tune our modeling to incorporate specific elements that reflect industry standards or best practices. Our professionals are familiar with all standard models used in emergency management and homeland security, including CAMEO/ALOHA, Hurrevac, SLOSH, and Hazus-MH.


  • Counterterrorism/counterinsurgency modeling
  • Disaster consequence modeling
  • Epidemiological modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Geospatial technologies
  • Hazard modeling
  • Human behavior modeling
  • Medical consequence modeling
  • Mission impact modeling
  • Mixed-reality training
  • Model-based exercise assessment
  • Transportation modeling
  • Transportation planning & logistics

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Modeling and Simulation

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