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Unemployment Assistance Management Services

The Coronavirus pandemic and state shutdowns caused unemployment to skyrocket across the country followed by record numbers of unemployment assistance (UA) claims. Legacy systems have not kept pace with the demand. Individuals and families suffer with lapsing benefits, unanswered calls, and delayed assistance. Meanwhile, state programs are managing fraudulent claims and overwhelmed systems.

Responding to a crisis is in our DNA. Using our almost three decades of disaster recovery and case management experience, IEM is transforming the way that the public sector addresses individual claims. As a “go to,” trusted partner, IEM is applying our disaster-tested and innovative solutions to improve the performance of UA programs.

At IEM, our seasoned experts are accustomed to surging to manage an influx of claims and aggressive top-down drive goals while performing case management services for individuals in need. Following major disasters, IEM’s team is on the ground partnering with states to implement recovery programs that help individuals recover and rebuild.

IEM has delivered case management services to the states of New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. As the nation’s preeminent case management firm, we have replaced or outperformed other contractors who have failed to meet the client’s aggressive goals – including in one case doubling eligibility determinations in less than a week. In past case management deliveries, our team has had less than 1/10 of one percent (1%) fraud/error rate on $5.4 billion expended.

IEM is results driven. Our team focuses on measurable outcomes that demonstrate rapid UA program improvement.  Our empathetic case management emphasizes process numbers while maintaining visibility and accountability to ensure that taxpayer’s dollars are appropriately used.

Our team is adept to using systems that are under development and are able to efficiently course correct as new guidance or policies are issued. IEM meets or exceeds high level targets as we flex our programs to address requirements – rapidly staffing up, streamlining processes, or implementing additional controls.

Our UI Management Services tackles three key areas to transform UI management:

  • Outcomes-Based Program Management
    • High Throughput Production/Process Management
    • Daily Data Analytics and Bottleneck Resolution
    • Functional Points of Distribution
    • Deep Accountability
    • Empathetic, Results Driven Customer Service
  • Rapid Application Development
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Claimant Dashboard
    • Automated Calculations
    • Workflow Management
    • Low Code, User Friendly Platform
  • Fraud Detection
    • Real-time AI/ML-based Fraud Detection
    • Streamlined Audits and Control Processes

IEM’s unmatched ability to combine public sector experience with technical knowledge and empathetic customer service will help your jurisdiction deliver timely, dependable, and trusted UA solutions.

Service Lead: Jon Mabry, Vice President of Disaster Recovery,

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Unemployment Assistance Management Services

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