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Humanitarian Response Services

Our Team

IEM has nearly 40 years of experience providing program management, response operations, and wraparound services that include comprehensive operational plans, field guides, case management, intake, and digital tools to support mass care human services.

Our team understands the complexity of the growing humanitarian crisis and stands ready to provide support with empathy and to deliver effective solutions that address the needs of asylum seekers and jurisdictions, supporting their resettlement and integration into communities.

Our mass care and emergency management subject matter experts are here to assist non-profit organizations and local, state, and tribal jurisdictions in planning for and providing mass care services to address basic needs. 

  • IEM provides rapid response to support initial reception, shelter management and workforce, transportation liaison, and onward travel services.

    We work alongside governmental and non-governmental organizations to coordinate a full spectrum of human services and support for asylum-seeking individuals.

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  • Case Management
  • Command and Control (C&C) operations
  • Discharge planning
  • Incident Command System (ICS) compliance and integration
  • Infectious disease modeling and risk assessments
  • Leadership workshops and seminars
  • Logistics planning and wraparound services
  • Mass care preparedness and planning
  • Mass notification systems
  • Medical Care in conjunction with the IEM Health Division
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Program and grants management services
  • Public health planning
  • Shelter worker and manager training

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Humanitarian Response Services

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