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More than three decades ago, IEM began designing, developing, testing, and implementing IT solutions for emergency management and homeland defense and security—high stakes areas where less-than-effective solutions could mean the difference between life or death. Our people and the solutions they built had to deliver real results, and they did.

Today, IEM applies the same level of careful planning and close coordination to provide services and develop effective IT solutions for clients in all business and governmental areas. We have experience with a wide range of standard IT, as well as state-the-art development tools. Tackling a broad array of challenges, we have placed IT professionals and delivered IT solutions in project areas as diverse as Web-based automated multi-tier grants management, sophisticated modeling and simulation, acquisition-based decision support systems, and secure web portals.

IEM developers use an agile process that stresses unit testing, iterative design and development cycles, and continual re-factoring to combat code entropy. Our software tools adhere to key interoperability standards (open architecture, high-level architecture, OASIS, IEEE, etc.) that facilitate flawless data exchange and ensure communications between disparate software/hardware systems.

Our clients repeatedly rely on us to understand their problems and deliver solutions on time and on budget. Our software architects, software engineers, database developers, system administrators, and project managers take a proactive, results-oriented approach to software and systems development. Our nearly 30 years of experience on military and emergency management projects equips us to be job-ready—providing the proper staff and work environment necessary to meet special security standards and requirements.


  • Agile software development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information assurance
  • Knowledge management
  • Open source solutions
  • Operations management & staffing
  • Systems integration

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