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Dr. Andrew Coffey

Director of National Security Technologies

Dr. Andrew Coffey, an accomplished professional with years of experience at the forefront of government and industry, leads the National Security Technologies practice at IEM. In this critical role, he supports clients across defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement sectors, focusing on developing and implementing new and emerging technologies. His expertise extends to advising on risk management, supply chain security, and cybersecurity, making him a vital asset in today’s complex security landscape.

Before joining IEM, Andrew was a pivotal Senior Manager at Marsh McLennan, significantly contributing to the firm’s global operations across 100 countries. His leadership was instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the safe return of over 90,000 employees to offices. Additionally, Andrew was essential in supporting critical business operations during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, enhancing global business resilience through strategic intelligence reporting and disaster recovery transition.

Andrew’s extensive public service includes his tenure as a Deputy Director for the National High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Here, he led a comprehensive overhaul of the program’s intelligence strategy, enhancing capabilities for Investigative Support Centers across the United States. His initiatives in performance management, policy, governance, and technology acquisition notably streamlined operations and improved federal grant funding processes.

Before his public service, Andrew held various management and research roles, contributing to federal, state, local, and international agencies. His background in journalism and academia complements his professional experiences, providing a diverse perspective on complex issues. Andrew holds a Virginia Tech doctorate and a Radford University bachelor’s degree. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University, highlighting his commitment to continued learning and thought leadership.

Andrew is nationally recognized for his expertise in inter-organizational intelligence and information-sharing networks. His proven track record in leading innovative solutions across various policy, risk, intelligence, and technology domains underlines his exceptional capabilities. His ability to drive law enforcement and intelligence advancements through research, publication, and speaking engagements further establishes him as a thought leader. Andrew has effectively managed large-scale, classified programs, demonstrating his aptitude for navigating complex environments and delivering innovative, secure solutions.

Andrew Coffey

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