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Defense Analytics & Modeling


IEM’s Defense Analytics & Modeling solutions help protect, support, and improve the performance of warfighters and military leaders at home and on the battlefield.

Our science- and technology-based tools and capabilities, combined with a unique blend of operational, academic, and policy-level experience, enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet client needs – focused on the range from operator to national policy.

We offer a broad spectrum of solutions—from bioterrorism prediction, analytics, and preparedness to CBRNE weapons demilitarization, protection and safety.

Our decision support systems are based on quantitative, probabilistic models that enable military leaders to assess threats, calculate risks, and mitigate potentially dangerous situations for their forces, installations, and critical infrastructure. Many of IEM’s award-winning projects and products have turned into industry standards, military doctrine, best practice methodologies, and joint programs of record.

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Defense Analytics & Modeling

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