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Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities


BRIC updates FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) program to broaden the possibilities for enhanced mitigation efforts and prioritize resiliency building through research-driven and proactive investment in communities.

Currently, all state, territorial, tribal and local governments are eligible to apply for the $500 million available funding for FY 2020 – over $33 million per state/territory, up to $600,000 per applicant, and $20 million for tribes. In addition, there will be more than an estimated $446 million available in a national competition.

FEMA’s application period is currently open for the 2020 funding.

It is important to review state-specific submission deadlines for applications to be considered.

The FEMA deadline is January 29, 2021 at 3:00 PM EST.  All grants must be submitted in the FEMA Grants Outcomes, or FEMA GO, by the January deadline.

For 35 years, IEM has worked to build a safe, secure and resilient world. We know resilience starts with investing in communities to develop robust lifelines and critical infrastructure that will be able to withstand future disasters and mitigate risk. We are excited about the opportunity the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s updated pre-disaster mitigation program, Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC), presents to transform communities and build a resilient nation.

BRIC’s funding will be highly competitive, making it vital applicants understand all requirements and information to submit a strong proposal and increase the likelihood of receiving funding.

This program benefits your communities in ways not seen in existing grant programs. BRIC is designed to promote greater resiliency; increase the number and scope of project partnerships; and to infuse into the project planning process flexibility to protect and mitigate vulnerable critical assets and FEMA’s Community Lifelines.

The flexibility of BRIC could enable greater access to project funding for opportunities that may not have been previously feasible before as it was difficult to prove cost effectiveness. Although, understanding BRIC’s guidelines, policies, and rules may seem like a complicated and time-consuming task, the program will result in more communities being able to significantly improve their resiliency and to be better able to withstand future disasters savings lives, properties, assets, and monies.  That being said, the process of getting a project approved can be smoother when you engage partners with experience in maximizing funding opportunities that protect and mitigate communities against future damages and loss of function to critical lifelines.

IEM’s team of experts includes former FEMA executives, emergency management leaders, and mitigation professionals who have successfully managed large-scale federal grant programs, including hazard mitigation resiliency projects. IEM knows what will make an application stand out and can help you update your mitigation program and plans, review pre-identified projects, and advise you on the application process to ensure you meet each requirement.

IEM recognizes the important opportunity BRIC’s funding provides states, local communities, tribes, and territories to invest in projects that will build resilience at all levels for years to come. We know that this funding is critical as communities’ budgets are strained due to the economic stress of the coronavirus. We also understand that between responding to the coronavirus and natural disasters, finding the time and resources to complete the BRIC application may be challenging. IEM stands ready to assist you in building a resilient future. 

A Sample of IEM’s BRIC Assistance

  • BRIC Strategic Planning
  • State and Community Mitigation Planning
  • Project Scoping and Management

    • Formulation and Scope of Work
    • Timeline
    • Cost Estimates Development
    • FEMA GO Assistance
  • Benefit Cost Analysis

    • Documentation
    • Methodology Development
    • Completion and Processing
    • Prioritization
    • Training
  • Cost Share Options

    • Strategies and Planning
  • Grant and Project Management

    • FEMA GO Assistance
    • Project Management
    • Progress Monitoring and Reporting
    • Amendment and Change Order Requests
    • Project Reconciliation
    • Reimbursement Request Support
    • Grant Closeout
    • Audit Support
  • Partnership Building
  • Outreach and Technical Assistance

IEM’s mission is to create safe, secure and resilient communities. Our mitigation team will help you build a strong, innovative, and competitive BRIC application. We know what works and how to proactively invest in resilience. For more information, contact one of our experts today.  


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