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COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Program Management


“The overarching objectives guiding vaccine allocation and use during a pandemic are to reduce the impact of the pandemic on health and minimize disruption to society and the economy.[1]

IEM is ready to apply our extensive public health and COVID-19 recovery experience to help manage your state and localities’ mass coronavirus vaccination plans in a strategic and equitable means.

IEM knows firsthand the federal, state, and local public health orders, guidance, and documents that inform and guide planning recommendations, vaccine prioritization, and mass vaccination program logistics and program management.

IEM has been committed to the fight against the coronavirus since the beginning. Our team has helped states and localities across the Nation strengthen their coronavirus response by providing contact tracing capabilities, staffing EOCs, conducting and sharing modeling to predict future coronavirus cases, hospital needs, and demand of PPE, and leading COVID analysis and research.

IEM’s Mass Vaccination Program Management, Planning & Logistical Operations capabilities expand on our coronavirus and public health expertise to bolster coronavirus vaccine planning, distribution, management and messaging.

Effective distribution of the coronavirus vaccine requires a detailed plan to address the unprecedented challenge of allocating and prioritizing vaccinations at a scope and scale previously not performed. Systems and operations will need to be reevaluated to rapidly and methodically distribute immunization resources across the country to grant each state and community access to vaccinations and maintain the chain of custody. This will not only require strategic planning, but an ability to address varying needs and challenges at the state and local level and quickly work to anticipate, innovate, and create solutions throughout the process.

IEM has the necessary experience and tools to conduct seamless mass vaccination management operations and communications to help states and localities create resilient systems to ensure their residents are informed and are able to obtain the vaccine as swiftly and safely as possible.

Key features of IEM Mass Vaccination Management Services:

  • Artificial intelligence modeling to track, forecast demand and scale mass vaccination distribution
  • Epidemiological and public health policy expertise to navigate and inform vaccine prioritization and vaccination management decision making
  • Vaccination operation and planning support to conduct efficient large and small-scale distribution efforts tailored to states and localities’ needs
  • Public messaging to engage with communities and provide residents with accurate information on vaccination distribution

IEM understands what is needed during this pandemic and is helping our clients navigate through this crisis. How can we help you?

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[1] US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Interim Updated Planning Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine During an Influenza Pandemic. Atlanta, GA: CDC; 2018. Accessed August 13, 2020.

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