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Emergency Rental Assistance Support

Communities across the nation are facing an unprecedented eviction crisis tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently enacted federal funding is crucial to preventing evictions. The newly authorized $25 billion Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program’s relief needs to be quickly disbursed to states, and then to individuals through state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies.

IEM can assist with the expert management of these rental assistance funds. We are your partner to ensure relief is timely and accessible to community members most vulnerable to losing their homes.

While the specifics of the federal rental assistance program, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, are under development, IEM is your comprehensive resource partner regardless of how the program evolves. IEM’s extensive work in the public health sector combined with unrivaled disaster recovery and case management experience makes our team uniquely qualified to accurately manage COVID-19 relief resources and guide agency staff as they navigate complex eligibility and compliance criteria. IEM identifies where ERA funding can be combined with traditional recovery programs or other resources, and steers jurisdictions through the federal process for the most successful recovery outcomes.

Our staff works with you to createe innovative solutions that leverage all available funding and incorporate the flexibilities of funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds allocated for COVID-19 response efforts, known as CDBG-CV. IEM’s cross-sector team is the “go-to” source for technical assistance, program management, and program implementation associated with critical COVID-19 resources.

IEM Experience = Assurance for Your Jurisdiction

IEM has managed the largest CDBG-DR (Disaster Recovery) housing recovery programs in the nation. Our unrivaled expertise in this area is invaluable to optimizing the application of ERA funds in combination with CDBG-CV or other COVID-19 related funding programs.

IEM = Innovative Solutions

IEM can assist with the expert management of ERA rental assistance funds with our innovative software application, RentAssistIQ™. IEM is your partner to ensure relief funds are efficiently and transparently managed throughout the life cycle. RentAssistIQ™ can process Emergency Rental Assistance Program funds from application, eligibility determination, and duplication-of-benefits review through disbursement, monitoring and reporting, and continued reapplication as needed (certain assistance will require the household to reapply every three months).

Why RentAssistIQ™?

In order to manage the unprecedented numbers of applications that are anticipated, and to quickly and effectively move individuals through the process, an efficient and reliable tool is required to ensure those in need receive funds before it is too late. RentAssistIQ™ can help.

RentAssistIQ™ is powered by Appian—a low code, secure platform. Appian technology is already a trusted partner for the U.S. Treasury, the agency administering the ERA program, and is used by the Department to track applications, coordinate and assess reports, and integrate internal strategies. IEM’s incorporation of this technology in RentAssistIQ™ ensures its processes and systems fully align with Treasury’s standards and can seamlessly process rental assistance applications.

RentAssistIQ™ technology is capable of processing large volumes of applications and documents accurately and efficiently while employing fraud detection capabilities. Appian automation ensures RentAssistIQ™ is capable of increasing efficiency, decreasing errors, and reducing costs. It is ready to help landlords, tenants, and utilities get the funding they need to persevere during these uncertain times. 

Find Out More About the ERA Program.

If you want to know more about the ERA program, the Department of the Treasury created a web page of useful information, including an initial FAQ. Expect this information to be updated frequently as the program’s design matures.

To learn how IEM can assist your jurisdiction with Emergency Rental Assistance Support or for more information on RentAssistIQ™, contact us.

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Emergency Rental Assistance Support

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