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Ken Gordon

Director of Federal Response Programs

Ken Gordon, a seasoned leader in emergency management, currently serves as the Director of Federal Response Programs at IEM. With nearly two decades of experience in program management, project management, and disaster planning, Ken has excelled in interagency, multi-jurisdictional, and international environments. His leadership has effectively guided large teams, demonstrating his capacity to manage complex and large-scale operations.

Throughout his career, Ken has provided management oversight for numerous plan development projects at both federal and regional levels. He has skillfully led the development of all-hazards regional catastrophic incident response plans and specific regional plans addressing earthquakes, tsunamis, biological incidents, and national security special events. His military career further bolstered his expertise in disaster response and civil-military affairs, notably through his role as Director of the G9 Civil-Military Affairs Directorate for the 82nd Airborne Division.

Ken formerly served as the Chief of Plans, Training, and Advisory Mission for forces in Iraq. He was instrumental in developing the military’s strategic plan for equipping and training the Iraqi Army, managing multi-billion-dollar resources, and training thousands of soldiers. This experience underlines his proficiency in strategic planning and operational execution in high-stakes environments.

Ken’s commitment to his field is reflected in his active involvement in professional associations such as the National Emergency Management Association, the Military Officers Association of America, and the Association of the United States Army. He also served as the President of the All-American Strategic Response Force Association. His academic credentials include a master’s degree from Troy University and a bachelor’s degree from Park University, providing a solid foundation for his leadership roles.

Ken has overseen IEM’s support of the migrant shelter program and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s planning and technical assistance support program. His role involves comprehensive contract management, ensuring all client requirements are met, and leading the development and delivery of response and recovery plans at the national and regional levels. Ken’s vast experience and expertise in emergency management make him a vital asset to IEM and its clients in navigating complex disaster response scenarios.

Ken Gordon

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