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Dr. Rashid Chotani

Chief Medical Director

Dr. Rashid Chotani, with a career spanning over two decades, has established himself as a preeminent figure in biodefense, infectious disease epidemiology, public health, and emergency management. His contributions to public agencies, private industries, academia, and nonprofit organizations have been transformative and impactful. Rashid, an internationally recognized authority in medical countermeasure development, healthcare management, and diagnosis of human and zoonotic diseases, has received prestigious accolades such as the NATO Scientific Award for Counterterrorism and inclusion in Pakistan’s Honor List for his global COVID-19 efforts.

At IEM, Rashid was at the forefront of the COVID-19 response, showcasing exceptional leadership and innovation. He spearheaded the establishment and medical management of numerous alternative care sites, monoclonal antibody infusion sites, and mass vaccination and testing sites across multiple states. These initiatives were critical in mitigating the impact of the pandemic, demonstrating Rashid’s commitment to public health and ability to manage large-scale healthcare operations effectively.

Rashid has provided significant scientific leadership in medical defense, notably with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense. He managed substantial portfolios in medical countermeasure vaccines and therapeutics and established major medical surveillance programs. His academic achievements are equally impressive, having established the Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Alert System at Johns Hopkins University and authored over 50 scientific peer-reviewed papers.

With a medical degree from Eugenio Maria de Hostos School of Medicine and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins, Rashid’s educational background is extensive. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Public Health and a recognized public speaker. His expertise has been shared globally through over 70 national and international conferences and numerous presentations to government audiences worldwide.

Throughout his distinguished career, Rashid has been a driving force in enhancing global health security. His work encompasses groundbreaking research, advanced program development, and effective management of large-scale public health initiatives. His dedication to improving healthcare systems, managing disease outbreaks, and safeguarding communities against biological threats cements his status as a leading figure in biodefense and epidemiology.

Dr. Rashid Chotani

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