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David Andrews

Director of International Homeland Security

David Andrews, with a career spanning over two decades in emergency management, serves as the Director of International Homeland Security at IEM. Bringing a wealth of experience from both the public and private sectors, David is distinguished for his proficiency in developing and maintaining long-term partnerships and leading comprehensive response and recovery strategies. His current role at IEM involves overseeing the formation of business partnerships and strategizing for sales and company growth, highlighting his versatile leadership skills.

David’s journey in emergency management began at the Alaska Division of Homeland Security, where he excelled as a Program Manager. In this role, he oversaw disaster recovery operations within the State, demonstrating his capability in managing complex emergencies. His expertise was further recognized through his appointment as the State Coordinating Officer for multiple disasters, where he acted as the Governor’s senior official, coordinating policies and funding across federal, state, local, and Native Alaskan levels during declared disasters.

In addition to his on-ground emergency management roles, David has been actively involved in various trade associations. He has served as the Individual and Public Assistance Subcommittee Chair for the National Emergency Management Association’s Response and Recovery Committee. Furthermore, he represented Region 10 on FEMA’s Public Assistance Steering Committee, underlining his influence and thought leadership in the field.

Transitioning into the private sector, David served as the Vice President of Business Development at a private contractor for seven years before joining IEM. Here, he honed his skills in identifying growth opportunities, exceeding sales quotas, and increasing profitability through strategic planning and business development. His ability to understand customer needs and develop tailored solutions significantly enhanced company profits and strengthened relationships with industry partners.

David has been commended throughout his career for his ability to lead recovery operations, provide expert advice on community recovery planning, and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders across various governments and organizations. His technical expertise and strategic planning abilities make him an invaluable asset to IEM. As the Director of International Homeland Security, David continues to leverage his comprehensive knowledge and experience to advance IEM’s mission in the global disaster management landscape.

David Andrews

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