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Bill Hall

Director of Workforce Logistics

Major General (Retired) Bill Hall, a distinguished leader with a rich service history at local, state, and federal levels, brings a wealth of experience to IEM. His career has spanned various high-stakes environments, from leading combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to orchestrating the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 response in New York and New Jersey. Bill also played a pivotal role in ensuring the security of significant events, such as multiple Super Bowls.

In 2021, Bill embarked on a new career by joining IEM, concentrating on a vital contract to provide vaccinations across the United States, significantly contributing to the President’s COVID-19 response initiative. Bill’s position at IEM is a testament to his continued commitment to serving in critical emergency management capacities. His prior work assisting Brazos County, Texas, with its COVID-19 response strategy underscored his expertise in leading interagency teams and developing comprehensive vaccination plans for large populations.

Bill’s illustrious military career is marked by his leadership across various echelons, ranging from platoon to two-star command, in diverse areas such as civil authorities, armor, recruiting, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear units. His service with the Texas National Guard, the Arizona Army National Guard, the National Guard Bureau, the European Command, and the Northern Command has equipped him with unparalleled experience.

One of Bill’s crowning achievements was his command of the Joint Task Force Civil Support, the nation’s sole standing Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Joint Task Force. His leadership was critical during the DoD’s COVID response in New York and New Jersey, where he oversaw operations at alternate care facilities, including the Javits Center, and managed substantial DoD personnel in challenging conditions. His efforts in establishing the Javits Medical Station as a successful COVID field hospital are particularly noteworthy.

Bill’s combat experiences are equally impressive, having commanded a tank battalion in Al Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom and a maneuver enhancement brigade in Kabul Province during Operation Enduring Freedom. His strategic acumen was further demonstrated as the European Command Deputy Plans Officer, where he facilitated operations for Operation Inherent Resolve out of Turkey. His role as brigade commander in deploying units in support of Super Bowl XLV and as Land Component Commander during Super Bowl XLIX highlights his diverse leadership capabilities.

Bill holds a bachelor’s degree from Angelo State University and a master’s from the Army War College.

Bill Hall

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