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Dr. Prasith “Sid” Baccam

Senior Advisor for Emerging Technologies

Dr. Prasith “Sid” Baccam, a distinguished computational epidemiologist and Manager of Emerging Technologies at IEM, brings over two decades of unparalleled expertise in medical consequence modeling and simulation of disease outbreaks. His profound knowledge of emerging infectious diseases and biological agents places him at the forefront of developing key simulation models and decision-support tools. Sid’s primary focus lies in public health, disaster response, and the formulation of medical countermeasures, all aimed at enhancing data-driven decision-making and refining modeling assumptions. His career journey commenced with an impressive academic background, including a doctorate from Iowa State University.

Sid’s professional trajectory includes a notable postdoctoral stint at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he delved into viral and immunological modeling. This period marked the inception of his extensive experience as a mathematical biologist, leading high-performance modeling and simulation teams. His expertise is not confined to academic circles. However, it extends to hands-on roles, where he effectively tackles complex challenges and delivers impactful results. His leadership has been pivotal in multiple public health projects, further honing his skills and knowledge in this specialized field.

Collaborating with various state and local public health officials and federal agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Homeland Security, Sid has played a crucial role in shaping public health policies and responses. His academic contributions are significant, with numerous publications on public health response models. His insights have reached the highest levels of government, including briefings to the President’s Executive Office, demonstrating the impact and relevance of his work.

At IEM, Sid’s responsibilities are multifaceted, ranging from leading the COVID-19 modeling effort to managing various projects related to biological threats and public health responses. His role encompasses managing projects for the Department of Health and Human Services and leading teams in high-stakes environments. This includes designing simulations for contagious diseases and analyzing public health response strategies in various scenarios, such as pandemic influenza and biological attacks.

Sid’s computational biology and public health proficiency are complemented by his Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program certification and in-depth understanding of the Strategic National Stockpile. His contributions to the field are not just limited to modeling and simulation; they extend to active participation in workshops, expert panels, and advisory roles in federal agencies. Sid’s career is marked by a steadfast commitment to enhancing public health preparedness and response, making him an invaluable asset in computational epidemiology and public health strategy.

Sid Baccam

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