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Dr. Clifford Oliver

Senior Advisor for Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Dr. Clifford Oliver is a seasoned professional with nearly four decades of experience in public safety, emergency management, homeland security, and business continuity programs. His extensive background and expertise make him a lead technical authority, providing strategic guidance and solutions to complex challenges.

During his illustrious career in federal service, Clifford held various technical, managerial, and executive positions. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2001. He spent two decades in this capacity, serving in diverse management roles with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Agriculture. In 2002, he became a founding Department of Homeland Security member, eventually completing his federal career as Assistant Administrator for Financial Systems for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Clifford led significant mitigation programs while at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He played a pivotal role in the Agency’s response to Hurricane Katrina. His leadership in the temporary housing mission was instrumental in installing 152,000 temporary housing units and building over 200 group sites. After Katrina, he also led the establishment of national evacuation planning and contracts, contributing to a long-range view of the national disaster logistics management system. He successfully addressed some of the Agency’s most critical management challenges, including serving as the acting Chief Security Officer, establishing the Office of Professional Responsibility, and leading efforts to modernize the National Flood Insurance Program’s information system and the Agency’s financial management system. Clifford also served as a Senior Procurement Executive, overseeing various procurement activities at the Agency, including small business utilization, acquisition planning, and customer support.

Clifford established and directed the Office of Crisis Planning and Management at the Department of Agriculture. He was the national security lead, emergency coordinator, and personnel security officer, coordinating the Department’s counterintelligence and national security activities. He was twice awarded the Secretary’s Award for coordinating the response to 9/11 and the potential foot and mouth disease outbreak.

Clifford has over a decade of experience in educational instruction for adult learners, including serving as Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus. He has authored numerous government publications and collegiate courses across emergency management and homeland security subjects. Clifford holds a doctorate from Northcentral University and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Clifford Oliver

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