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James Clark


James Clark, IEM’s Vice President of International Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is armed with a distinguished portfolio in disaster response and recovery. His career, which spans a variety of pivotal roles within both state government and the private sector, has furnished him with an in-depth understanding of emergency management dynamics. In his current role, James is pivotal in steering IEM’s strategic direction in homeland security and emergency management, leveraging his extensive experience to provide high-level advisory and consulting services with a focus on enhancing public safety and preparedness through innovative solutions.

Initiating his career in emergency management within Louisiana’s Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, James rapidly advanced through the ranks to become the Executive Officer of the Disaster Recovery Division. In this capacity, he was instrumental in managing a monumental $12 billion recovery program, leading the coordinated efforts of more than 200 state employees and close to 100 contract staff. His leadership was crucial in the enhancement of public assistance and hazard mitigation initiatives, bolstering the state’s resilience to disasters through community disaster loans, individual assistance programs, and direct federal support.

Further showcasing his financial and administrative expertise, James served as the Assistant Deputy Director of Grants and Administration, where he adeptly managed substantial grant payments averaging $100 million monthly and supervised all disaster consulting contracts. His role also encompassed the management of the State Emergency Operations Center and acting as the Alternate State Coordinating Officer for significant disaster declarations, highlighting his adeptness in crisis leadership.

Transitioning to the consultancy sphere, James joined Deloitte and Touche as a Senior Manager, where he spearheaded state and local disaster recovery projects across the United States, including notable assignments in Colorado, Houston, Puerto Rico, and Louisiana. His leadership as Project Manager for multiple public assistance program contracts underlined his profound expertise in disaster recovery planning and financial management.

Beyond his professional prowess, James is a respected Army veteran, having served as a non-commissioned officer during Operation Enduring Freedom. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University, which complements his comprehensive experience in emergency management. James Clark’s multifaceted background and unwavering dedication render him an indispensable leader within IEM, driving forward initiatives that safeguard communities and enhance the nation’s preparedness and response capabilities in homeland security and emergency management.

James Clark

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