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Bruce Lockwood

Manager of Special Projects

Bruce Lockwood, a seasoned professional in emergency management with over 40 years of public safety service, currently serves as IEM’s Manager of Special Projects. A Certified Emergency Manager, Lockwood’s expertise spans emergency management, planning, fire service, hazardous materials, and fire marshal duties. Before joining IEM, he held significant roles in various Connecticut towns, including East Hartford, New Hartford, Canton, and Bristol-Burlington, showcasing his diverse experience in the field.

Bruce managed the Emergency Management Division as Acting Fire Captain with the East Hartford Fire Department. His public safety and emergency management career also includes serving as Deputy Director of Emergency Management for New Hartford, Director of Emergency Management and Fire Marshal for Canton, and Emergency Response Coordinator for the Bristol Burlington Health District. These positions reflect his extensive knowledge in coordinating emergency responses and managing public safety operations.

Bruce’s leadership was nationally recognized when he was appointed as Commissioner of the National Commission on Children in Disasters in 2008, where he chaired the subcommittee on Evacuation, Transportation, and Housing. His contributions included delivering significant reports to the President and Congress. Further emphasizing his leadership in the field, Lockwood served as President of the International Association of Emergency Managers Council in 2014 and represented the United States on its Global Board from 2015 to 2017.

At IEM, Bruce applies his vast experience in managing special projects. His roles have included leading the Santa Clara County COVID-19 recovery effort, providing operational support for COVID-19 vaccinations in Illinois, and developing and delivering training and exercises for various high-profile clients. His project management skills and expertise in emergency management are crucial in enhancing IEM’s services in complex emergencies.

Additionally, Bruce has contributed significantly to academic fields, serving as a Course Content Expert and Adjunct at Texas A&M University Engineering Extension Service. His work developing a pediatric disaster course for the Department of Homeland Security demonstrates his commitment to enhancing emergency management education. His career is a testament to his dedication to public safety and emergency management. He has managed millions in grant funds and led innovative programs to improve emergency preparedness and response.

Bruce Lockwood

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