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Edward Johnson

Senior Executive Advisor

Edward Johnson, an IEM Senior Executive Advisor, is renowned for resolving complex organizational, administrative, and business challenges. With a particular focus on budgeting, financial management, administrative efficiency, and leadership, he excels in addressing government operation issues. This expertise is a culmination of extensive experience and leadership in various high-level roles, notably as the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

During his tenure at the Agency, Edward was an invaluable advisor and strategist, offering crucial counsel and direction to top leadership, including the Administrator and Deputy Administrator. His guidance spanned various areas, including budgeting, financial management, programmatic control, and internal governance. Edward’s ability to effectively communicate and represent the Agency’s interests to other entities, such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Management and Budget, and Congressional offices, was pivotal. His leadership oversaw a team of 250 professionals, demonstrating his capacity to manage large-scale operations and intricate projects.

Before his role at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Edward’s career trajectory included significant positions such as the Director of the Burlington Finance Center for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Assistant Regional Director for Planning, Analysis, and Data Support (Eastern Region) at Citizenship and Immigration Services. These roles solidified his reputation as a financial management and reporting leader, where he oversaw billions in financial accounts. His expertise in financial management was further demonstrated in various acting capacities, including as Acting Chief and Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Edward’s career is marked by numerous special assignments and details that underscore his versatile expertise and commitment to public service. These include establishing the Department of Homeland Security, contributing to strategic plans for border enforcement, and working on administration transition teams. His role in setting up new systems and business procedures has been instrumental in improving operational efficiency in various governmental sectors.

A St. Michael’s College graduate, Edward further augmented his education with prestigious programs such as Harvard University’s Senior Executive Fellows Program and the Department of Agriculture’s Leadership Development Academy. His career is decorated with numerous awards and commendations, reflecting his exceptional service and performance. Edward now channels his vast experience into providing strategic support for disaster response and recovery operations, leveraging his expertise to enhance organizational effectiveness and operational excellence.

Edward Johnson

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