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Earl Randall III

Director of Disaster Recovery Program Compliance and Monitoring

Earl Randall III is the Director of Disaster Recovery Program Compliance and Monitoring at IEM. Earl brings an extensive background in housing and urban development and excels in managing compliance and monitoring aspects of disaster recovery grant programs. His experience includes overseeing programs and services in community planning and development, public housing, multi-family housing, single-family housing, and fair housing.

Before joining IEM, Earl was the Department of Housing and Urban Development Louisiana Field Office Director from 2014 to 2018. He led a full-service office in this role, developing strong partnerships with federal, state, and local officials. His leadership in housing recovery as part of the National Disaster Recovery Framework was crucial, especially during the Louisiana Great Floods 2016. He also provided valuable technical assistance to Texas after Hurricane Harvey and Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

From 2007 to 2014, Earl served as a senior disaster specialist in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Disaster Recovery and Special Issues Division. He was the lead representative for Louisiana and New York’s long-term disaster recovery efforts, managing substantial Congressional supplemental disaster appropriations. His tenure, beginning in 2000 as a Presidential Management Intern/Fellow, equipped him with deep insights into federal housing policies and disaster recovery mechanisms.

Earl’s educational background includes master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Louisiana State University. This academic foundation and his professional experience have been instrumental in his successful community development and disaster recovery career.

In his current role at IEM, Earl provides program management and oversight across various disaster recovery clients in multiple states, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. He also managed the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, assisting renters and landlords impacted by the economic disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earl’s expertise as a subject matter expert for grant funding significantly contributes to IEM’s disaster recovery and community development leadership.

Earl Randall, III

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