Assisting New Jersey Housing Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

Assisting New Jersey Housing Recovery After Hurricane SandyNew Jersey’s (NJ) Department of Community Affairs (DCA) hired IEM to assist in completing their U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) housing recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Recognizing a Need  

NJ DCA needed an organized and reliable case management system to automate workflow, business processes and the reporting process. This included a CDBG-DR System of Record that stores the data for access by HUD and other agencies for audit.

The IEM Approach

IEM deployed our cloud-based HRIQ grant management application to automate workflow, business and reporting processes. IEM integrated HRIQ data with the State’s system, SIROMS, to ensure grantee files were complete, accurate and ready for closeout. IEM configured our HRIQ system to automate the Relevant Tasks to support better program reporting and eliminate unnecessary staff.

Innovating for Resilience

HRIQ, IEM’s next-generation web-based program integration platform built on an award-winning intelligent business process management platform, provided an integrated Case Management System for NJ DCA that included the capabilities of a HUD-compliant System of Record.  HRIQ is a low-code solution that provides the scalability to handle spikes in usage, accessibility to support mobile and offline data entry, and flexibility to handle program updates within minutes or hours with no interruption to server availability.

Achieving Results

IEM assumed responsibility for homeowner cases in a $600 million federal grant program. Significant home rehabilitation was still pending years after Hurricane Sandy. IEM applied our extensive CDBG-DR policy understanding, rigorous analytics, and our automated grants management capability to enable homeowner grantee projects to quickly move to completion and closeout.

Expert IEMers

Jon Mabry, Vice President of Disaster Recovery
Ted Lemke, Chief Technology Officer