Private Sector

IEM brings the strength, security, and reliability of defense solutions to private sector applications. We provide corporate security and information technology services to help private sector organizations run more efficiently, be better protected, and operate with greater corporate resiliency. IEM has assisted many industries in addressing security, performance management, training, and regulatory/certification needs, including:

  • Corporate and industrial facilities
  • Ports
  • Chemical facilities
  • Nuclear plants
  • Mass transit systems


Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery - With its unique, process-based approach, IEM helps businesses identify and assess risks to their organizations in order to implement strategies for protecting, maintaining, and restoring critical infrastructure and operations in the event of a disruption. IEM calculates which risks will have the most significant impact on your operations and services and which strategies will be most effective in addressing those risks. Services include: planning workshops and plan development; testing, training, and exercising; assembling after-action reports; technical assistance; planning maintenance; and establishing long-term strategies.

Cybersecurity & Security Consulting - Regardless of size or industry served, all businesses share the need to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational data from unauthorized security breaches—whether by increasingly sophisticated and relentless hackers or by internal lapses. IEM applies more than three decades of IT-based emergency management experience to help customers identify risks and implement strategies for protecting, maintaining, and restoring infrastructure and operations in the event of a disruption. Strategies include: project planning and review; requirements analysis; network security scans and vulnerability assessments; test witnessing, planning, execution, and reporting; security policy development; virus identification and containment; network security configuration; procurement recommendations; document/literature development/review; and training.

Modeling & Simulation - For more than three decades, military and civilian agencies have applied IEM’s robust modeling and simulation tools to reduce risk to soldiers and the public. Modeling creates an apolitical, transparent process which uses scientifically defensible tools. This capability is the core of our success—the ability to use science and technology to identify and analyze critical issues and decision options. IEM translates these findings into strategies that best meet mission, community, and business objectives. The ability to examine and optimize cost-benefit tradeoffs helps organizations select best counter-measure procurement options—especially important in a tight economy.

Performance Management - IEM’s approach to performance management recognizes the multi-faceted nature of business goals and operations. Our solutions rigorously analyze performance information in near real-time, and present analytic results in intuitive ways to inform decision-making. Services include: compliance support for government mandates; organizational performance assessments and analysis; performance measurement and planning; operations, production, and cost analysis and research; and performance budget analysis and formulation support.

Emergency Preparedness and Planning - Since 1985, IEM has provided award-winning emergency management services that help businesses and communities plan for, respond to, and recover from extraordinary events and threats of all kinds—natural, technological, and human-caused. Project experience covers the entire range of emergency management services:  mitigation, prevention/protection, preparedness, response, and recovery. Our work frequently involves bringing together multi-jurisdictional interests.

Critical Infrastructure Protection - IEM’s risk-based approach to security helps businesses understand the threats a facility faces, the existing capabilities to respond, and what corrective actions can be taken to improve response. IEM works with companies to develop standard operating plans and guidance, employee training, and the means to measure improvements and overall effectiveness. Leveraging its experience in community-based emergency management, IEM helps ensure that security plans are fully integrated with local emergency responders.

Public Outreach - IEM professionals have directed, managed, or supported public affairs and crisis communications efforts in more than 200 U.S. presidentially-declared disasters, including advising state directors and agencies on emergency communications, disaster preparedness, awareness, and media affairs. Specific product and service offerings include: strategic public education plans, interactive multimedia public information tools, risk communications strategies, training courses, and public opinion surveys. IEM has also developed performance measures that quantitatively gauge the effectiveness of public outreach strategies and other program initiatives.

Demonstrated Successes

Security Audit
IEM conducted an assessment of cybersecurity vulnerabilities for a leading US financial firm that deals with significant amounts of personal credit information that must be kept secure. IEM identified security vulnerabilities and developed a security strategy for addressing these vulnerabilities.

Healthcare COOP/BCP Assessments
IEM has conducted COOP/ BCP capability assessments for multiple hospitals. We have developed a healthcare-specific assessment tool that incorporates regulatory requirements with established Federal guidelines. We use this tool to help hospitals identify areas that need additional focus, such as supply chain management, delegation of authority, and identification of essential functions.

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