At Your Doorstep: IEM’s Success in Housing Inspections

After major disasters, communities come together to identify unmet needs and help direct support to where it is needed the most. For many families, the most pressing need is to return to a home that is safe, clean, and secure.

When it comes to providing home inspection and assessment services, IEM always puts survivors first. Our home inspectors and damage assessment teams understand that disaster survivors have endured often one of the worst experiences of their lives and deserve compassionate service and care. That is why IEM teams are trained to serve as friendly ambassadors to assist in survivor recovery. They focus on doing everything possible to shorten the amount of time it takes for survivors to receive assistance and return home quickly.

IEM has delivered industry-leading outcomes for inspections at every stage of the recovery process, from initial inspections following a disaster to final inspections certifying that it is safe for survivors to return home. The work conducted by our housing inspectors and damage assessors highlights what can happen to homes during a disaster and what it is will take to restore them. The information then becomes a blueprint for the recovery work to come.

Working with federal, state, and local officials, IEM has managed four major disaster recovery housing programs that encompass inspections and damage assessments and has supported two other housing recovery programs to help speed up home repairs. IEM has also provided inspection project management services for a temporary shelter-in-place program and has conducted tens of thousands of inspections in response to six major disasters over the last 7 years.

IEM has a long and successful track record of housing recovery support. Companies and agencies can look to IEM to help with their inspection and assessment service needs, knowing that, once onboard, IEM staff can hit the ground running.