One Doc, One Knock: A Disaster Recovery Program Management Service

IEM developed One Doc, One Knock as a business consulting and management tool to help application processing for disaster recovery funding run more quickly and efficiently.

The One Doc, One Knock service simplifies the interaction between public and private entities in disaster recovery and homeowners by compiling documentation that requires one signature (One Doc) that is obtained during one visit to the property (One Knock).

One Doc consolidates the complex documentation requirements for disaster recovery funding programs into one release that is signed by the homeowner at the time that the application is submitted. One Knock brings the entire team of contractors, inspectors, and assessors to the homeowner’s property at the initial site visit to complete all necessary reviews, resulting in an agreed-upon scope of work signed electronically by all parties.

One Doc, One Knock is, at its core, a customer service product. It not only reduces disruptions to the homeowner by only requiring one face-to-face, on-site visit, but it also connects usually separated documents to ensure that all files complement each other. This helps tell the story of customer’s experience and the damages sustained to the property, helping them to receive the right amount of funding quicker so that home repairs can begin sooner.

This business consulting service assists in preparing and filing applications for disaster recovery funding with governmental regulatory bodies quickly and efficiently by:

  • Reducing the time that homeowners are away from work
  • Eliminating application burnout, homeowner burden, and program frustration
  • Mitigating the risk of change orders and customer appeals
  • Increasing application accuracy and reducing application processing times
  • Lowering delivery costs
  • Expediting the eligibility and construction processes