IEM Helps Duke University Summer Program Students Learn About Hurricane Preparedness

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, July 10, 2013 – In support of summer educational programs provided by the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) for gifted fifth and sixth graders, IEM has hosted three interactive educational special activity sessions at their Research Triangle Park Headquarters office. Students in the program participated in a week-long summer experience called Creative Resolutions of Impending Situations with Intelligent Solutions (CRISIS).

For the three classes this summer, IEM Emergency Planner Angie Nelson discussed the specifics of hurricane preparedness with students assigned to the program’s Business and Private Sector research team, which was led by Ms. Rebecca Stone, an Instructor for the Business and Private Sector for the Duke TIP CRISIS Program. The students were challenged to prepare six different businesses for a fictional category 4 hurricane. Ms. Nelson helped the students understand what is involved in preparing for a major hurricane, assessing potential economic impacts, and working through recovery of businesses and communities after the storm.

IEM CEO Madhu Beriwal introduced each session, explaining to the students why she founded the company and providing some insight into the business of emergency management. Ms. Nelson then presented the students with some background information on hurricane preparedness and walked them through activities focused on each phase of hurricane planning—preparedness, pre-landfall and post-landfall. The students were actively engaged throughout the activities and developed excellent ideas for hurricane preparation and post-landfall business strategies.