IEM Employee Receives NATO Award for Scientific Achievement

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC, December 8, 2016 – Dr. Rashid A. Chotani, MD, MPH, of global security consulting firm IEM, headquartered in North Carolina, has been awarded the 2016 NATO Scientific Achievement Award. Dr. Chotani was part of the Research Task Group (RTG) for State-of-the-Art in Research on Medical Countermeasures against Biological Agents, which was presented with the award by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s Science and Technology Organization (STO).

Specifically, Dr. Chotani was a member of the Human Factor and Medicine Panel (HFM). The mission of the HFM was to optimize the safety, well-being, and performance of individuals working in operational environments across NATO allied countries. Dr. Chotani provided key research contributions to the panel’s threat and risk assessment report of biological agents used against NATO forces. The report also detailed evaluations of cutting-edge technologies that are used to improve medical countermeasures. This project has been deemed vital to protecting NATO forces and to fulfilling the mission of NATO.

The NATO STO is the largest NATO organization for defense science and technology. The Scientific Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions made to NATO STO sponsored activities that continue to widen STO’s technological mandate.

IEM, alongside the STO Office of the Chief Scientist, expresses sincere congratulations and deep appreciation for Dr. Chotani’s engagement in the State-of-the-Art in Research on Medical Countermeasures against Biological Agents.