Building Effective Solutions for CBRN, WMD, and IED Emergencies

Since 1985, America’s foremost defense, homeland security, and emergency management organizations have relied upon IEM’s technical and management expertise in counterterrorism. Our modeling and simulation solutions and decision support systems present probable scenarios for CBRN, WMD, and IED emergencies—helping warfighters and emergency management personnel plan and prepare for military and civilian emergency operations.

IEM helps organizations assess counterterrorism threats, calculate risks, and mitigate dangerous situations for force, installation, and critical infrastructure protection. Our approaches support the notion of a balanced response by linking existing capabilities or identifying potential gaps—specifically helping to prepare warfighters and defense professionals through research, training, instruction, exercises, and CONOPS development.

IEM helps organizations bridge resources, information, and operations among branches and agencies—on and off post. Our science- and information technology-based products and services help leaders make critical decisions related to counterterrorism while simultaneously supporting the goal of full-spectrum performance.



IEM employs CBRN defense experts with strong military backgrounds spanning all branches of the military, including senior officers and many war veterans of OIF and OEF. Our collective expertise represents field, combat, and instructional experience in the CBRN world in the forms of doctrine, training, exercises, IT, and science support.


IEM has conducted extensive research and supplied analyses regarding the socio-political trends and social networking tendencies that support or discourage insurgent sympathies and activities. Our work helps forces more accurately assess a region’s attitude toward troop presence in order to develop corresponding counterinsurgency strategies and supporting tactics.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

IEM has provided wide-ranging critical infrastructure protection support services to some of the foremost military and civilian protection programs in the U.S., including DHS, DTRA, MDA, DARPA, and CMA. Using innovative methods and analytics IEM merges sound science and advanced technologies to provide objective, quantitative data in support of solid critical infrastructure protection strategies.


IEM’s risk-based perspective on information security and data integrity solutions allows clients to logically evaluate protection and recovery options. We help clients think in terms of how likely and to what degree an emergency situation will impact their ability to carry out their organizational mission.

Fusion Center Operation & Support

IEM employs former first responder, military, and law enforcement personnel with extended histories of senior leadership and operational capacities in state and local emergency management agencies. We deliver technical compatibility and interoperability, operational cooperation and coordination, and streamlining of information flows up and down jurisdictional lines.

Modeling & Simulation

Ranging from atmospheric dispersion to epidemiological to terrorist/insurgent social networking projects, we pioneered the development of strategic and comprehensive modeling and simulation. IEM’s approach measures the degree of protection provided by various techniques and strategies, putting emergency planning and decision making on a quantitative basis.

Protection Strategies

IEM has earned a reputation for delivering scalable, cost-effective solutions that support the development, deployment, and testing of strategic, tactical, and operational protection plans. From sophisticated theoretical frameworks to mixed reality training system, we help warfighters and leaders identify and protect against potential terrorist and other security threats.

Security Consulting, Design, and Audits

For more than two decades, IEM has helped organizations pinpoint and prioritize vulnerabilities and implement effective, sustainable strategies for mitigation and protection. Our security services include security plan development and reviews, physical security assessments, vulnerability assessments, evaluation security strategies using advanced modeling and visualization tools, and security training utilizing serious gaming technologies.

Training & Exercises

IEM provides instructional support, including on-site HSEEP-compliant training and exercises, as well as technology-based training—ranging from web-based programs to mixed reality war games. IEM assists defense and security professionals in developing and executing tabletop, functional, command-post, and full-scale exercises, including customized hostile action-based drills, NIMS/ICS training, and train-the-trainer programs.

Demonstrated Successes

Maximizing Behavior Analysis with Massive Multi-Sensor Networks
Dr. Serge Olszanskyj, IEM Computational Scientist, authored “Maximizing Behavior Analysis with Massive Multi-Sensor Networks ” for the April 2012 issue of IQT Quarterly. This paper presents a path toward effectively transforming the exponential growth in U.S. intelligence data streams into an asset for analysts through automated suggestions of future outcomes and behavioral intent.
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IEM Bio-Modeling Cited in NAS Bioterrorism Report
IEM’s bio-modeling for HHS, conducted by Drs. Sid Baccam and Mike Boechler, is cited in the 2012 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on pre-positioning antibiotics.Dr. Baccam participated in IOM’s workshops on the topic and was interviewed by IOM to gather his input for the study.
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IEM’s SMART Warfighter
Helping train American soldiers to improve IED awareness and response

Smart Warfighter

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