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Energy Security Planning

An Essential Partner in Energy Security Planning  

Energy security planning is a vital component to our nation’s critical infrastructure framework. For over 37 years, team IEM has driven strategic planning and delivered innovative strategies aimed at building energy resilience and reliability. At IEM we develop long-term strategies with states to help enhance energy reliability in communities and cross-sector infrastructure upon which they depend for their livelihoods. We know resilience begins with investing in communities to develop robust lifelines and strengthening infrastructure to mitigate risk and withstand future disasters. 

IEM’s team of nationally recognized emergency management experts—former FEMA executives and senior leaders and directors of state, city, and county energy and emergency management agencies—have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against energy supply disruption. Understanding the complexities of today’s disasters and crises—whether natural or human-caused—is top of mind for our team. IEM stands ready to support your agency or company’s efforts to enhance energy reliability. 

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Energy Security Planning

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