Performance Management

Offering a Robust Approach to Budgeting and Performance Management

A sound public performance management system requires much more than simply counting the things that business or government agencies produce.  It requires identifying and analyzing the relationship between program activities, outputs, and impact. IEM offers organizations—private and public— a robust approach to performance measurement, performance management, and budgeting.

IEM’s expertise is based on the application of rigorous scientific methodologies and experience implementing performance reforms in government. We provide compliance support for performance accountability requirements, including the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), the Services Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA) program, and other government performance mandates.  We can deliver a variety of services that can either stand alone or complement our capabilities in homeland security, emergency management, and defense support.


Analysis & Evaluation

IEM’s performance measurement systems capture both quantitative and qualitative aspects of program performance, with a focus on the service outcomes that have real impacts on citizens as program clients.

Budget & Financial Management

Many agencies claim to have “performance-based budgets,” but rarely link budget allocations to performance outcomes in effective ways. With IEM’s performance budgeting capabilities, agencies can carefully align program activities, costs, and budget accounts, and create natural incentives for managers to control costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Organization & Human Capital Performance

IEM analyzes existing management structures and develops organizational strategies for improving performance and service outcomes. Offerings include technical training, learning management systems development, organizational transformation/development consulting, and workforce planning and development.

Strategic Alignment & Reform

As government services and public administration take on new, more agile dimensions, IEM stands ready to work with organizations in charting new courses of mission-focused action. We understand the importance of quantifying the change that is needed, not only within an organization in terms of its processes and management, but also directing attention toward the relationships and processes among all stakeholders.

Strategic Sourcing & Acquisition

IEM helps organizations develop sourcing and acquisition strategies to reduce costs and improve supply management.  By deploying IEM tools such as decision support systems that use modeling and simulation, decision-makers can more accurately assess issues such as mission criticality, risk, and expected return on investment.

Demonstrated Successes

Performance Management
IEM's Public Performance Management

Streamlining Processes, Improving Performance
For FEMA, IEM developed the only public grants management software that supports the concept of "business intelligence" for more effective management of government programs. It is an integral part of budgeting and program management for 79 organizations in 10 states, managing workflow among Federal, state, and local levels.

Guidance for Achieving Best Fit Acquisition
IEM developed an analytical support tool to help DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) quantify the effectiveness of various chemical/biological defense systems. The tool demonstrated the impact that biological detectors and increased medical care capacity might have on consequences surrounding a catastrophic anthrax strike. IEM’s study helped guide purchasing decisions at all levels of defense planning.

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