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IEM Software Solutions | CMS.IQ™
IEM Software Solutions | CMS.IQ™

IEM recognizes that law enforcement agencies need modern technology for records management to simplify and automate workflows and provide better situational awareness to decision-makers at every level of an organization.

IEM’s tailored case management system, CMS.IQ™, represents a digital transformation for law enforcement agencies by providing comprehensive capabilities for records and case management in modern police departments, giving them access to an affordable, flexible, and highly customizable case management solution that easily integrates with their existing data infrastructure.

CMS.IQ™ was designed for the law enforcement community by IEM’s team of law enforcement subject matter experts and senior software developers, who collaborated with police departments and investigative agencies to design a platform and suite of applications that alleviate common concerns and headaches with existing case management.

  • CMS.IQ™ does not require agencies to pay for features they don’t need, only what they want. Our speed of delivery—leveraging the strengths of the Appian platform—means new applications can be rapidly designed, developed and deployed within CMS.IQ™ without costly customization and modification fees.

    In addition, agencies have the option to learn how to design and deploy applications on their own, adding an in-house capability that’s driven by system users.

What can CMS.IQ™ do for your agency?

End-to-End Investigative Case Management

End-to-End Investigative Case Management

At the core of CMS.IQ is a technologically advanced case management system that leverages data for multiple uses and applications, and uses smart tools to auto-generate documents from data in the system.
Seamless Third-Party Integration

Seamless Third-Party Integration

CMS.IQ is designed to integrate third-party applications and legacy systems for rapid delivery without the need for extensive modifications or data conversion processes.
Cross-Functional Data Utilization

Cross-Functional Data Utilization

Data in the system is converted to “smart” functionalities that enable agencies to cross reference and utilize their data in a variety of ways, adapting to needs or changing priorities in a matter of hours or days.
Mobile and Offline<br/>Capability

Mobile and Offline

Officers and their supervisors always have access to CMS.IQ with industry-leading capabilities for accessing the system and summoning dashboards across devices and in remote locations.
Enhanced Situational<br/>Awareness

Enhanced Situational

Decision-makers need to know what’s happening in their jurisdiction and can leverage data and information in CMS.IQ for customized data visualization, tailored dashboarding, and criminal intelligence analysis.

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IEM Software Solutions | CMS.IQ™

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