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Mass Vaccination Planning and Logistical Operations

IEM’s emergency management and medical experts offer unparalleled experience responding to COVID-19 and other disasters. IEM’s highly experienced professional employees bring extensive experience in the planning, logistical operations, management, implementation, administration, and delivery of the vaccine programs and authorities. IEM uses risk-based, data-driven services to help decision-makers achieve results that work in the real world.

IEM professionals have first-hand public health and medical services knowledge and expertise. Our staff of experts include medical preparedness and response planners, Infectious disease epidemiologists, disease progression modelers, contact tracers, outbreak investigators,  public health practitioners and educators, former hospital emergency managers, risk communicators, and public health policy analysts. Our team is experienced clinicians in public health, infectious disease, virology, infection control, quality control and assurance, emergency care, critical care, medical-surgical, hospital administration, and emergency medical services.

IEM is at the forefront of emergency management and disaster scenario planning, and our staff has analyzed, written, reviewed, and integrated planning guidance to develop and operationalize emergency plans at all levels—federal, state, county, and community. From predictive modeling to plan analysis and mass medical distribution, IEM has expertise in multi-echelon, multi-jurisdictional plan development.

Our personnel also have operational experience in the field as local, state, and federal emergency managers; as emergency responders in the fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, public health, and public works disciplines; and as representatives of non-profit and private sector emergency operations capabilities. We are the national leaders in emergency preparedness planning, with our plans serving the entire nation and all of FEMA’s regions. 

An efficient and well-coordinated logistics system is an active and ongoing process.  Pre-planning logistical operations among all government levels on a nationwide scale is an area in can be a challenge for most jurisdictions. Federal and state resources and supply chains must be aligned with local needs to assure that the commodities and resources are distributed in the needed quantities to the areas that need them the most.

IEM knows that COVID-19 mass vaccination planning is continual.  We know how to enhance, upgrade, and revise plans and procedures on a recurrent basis to include the input of stakeholders and key players.

IEM has the ability and history to build and develop asset management plans, coordinating and collaborating with federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partners to ensure that vaccination resources are adequately ordered, tracked, delivered, and reported for transparency.

IEM ensures that:

  • Federal funds are maximized;
  • State and local resources are utilized when available;
  • Our unrivaled public health and emergency management expertise, planning support, and tools operationalize your vaccine plan;
  • Best practices and benchmarking are brought to bear for your communities; and
  • Business process improvement and continuous improvement are a cornerstone of our efforts.

As a dedicated emergency management firm, IEM has continually demonstrated the capacity to provide unmatched talent and expertise to our partners.  Over the last three and a half decades, we have produced high-quality deliverables that meet stringent standards defined by both the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and our partners at every level.

We personally understand the challenges you are facing in this ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.

Bring our seasoned experts in project management and logistical services to bear for your jurisdiction during this pandemic.

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Vaccination Planning and Logistics

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