Software Engineering

Delivering Cost-Effective IT Solutions That Work

For more than three decades, IEM’s information technology (IT) solutions have helped make our communities safer, our warfighters more effective, and government agencies and private businesses more productive. Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, IEM has successfully executed hundreds of projects for public and private sectors—from developing a multi-million dollar chemical-biological hazard prediction model used by federal agencies to designing and implementing a cost-effective, robust state e-government portal.

IEM has delivered solutions as diverse as web-based grants management tools, independent verification and validation (IV&V) for multi-billion dollar federal systems, acquisition-based decision support systems, and secure web portals for state and federal clients. We specialize in leveraging open source technologies to provide clients with state-of-the-art systems that rely less and less on licensed software with expensive fees.


Software Development

IEM clients repeatedly rely on us to understand their problems and deliver software solutions on time and within budget. We design and support scalable systems that are used cooperatively by local, state, and federal agencies yet provide each stakeholder with an IT solution that fits their particular needs. Popular areas of engagement include: enterprise solutions, web services, geospatial technologies, cloud computing, open source technology, and project management.

Agile Software Development

IEM developers use a forward-leaning agile development framework that puts product versions in the customer’s hands quickly for evaluation and feedback. Our framework stresses unit testing, iterative design and development cycles, and continual re-factoring to combat code entropy. IEM developers and technical project managers are ICAgile Certified Professionals.

GIS / Geospatial Technologies

Helping to deliver a common operating picture to planners, operators, and decision makers in emergency management, homeland security, and defense, IEM provides a broad spectrum of GIS application services, including custom mapping, geospatial data development and automation, data integration, data quality assurance and quality control, GPS field data analysis, and custom software development using open source technology.

Knowledge Management

IEM helps agencies define the risks associated with maximizing enterprise service access and minimizing security risks so that the most workable balance can be struck. IEM clients work 24/7 to collect and provide information and services to constituent customers—even if only in a virtual environment. Accessing data and using it across the enterprise is beneficial, not only to our efficiency-minded customers but to our service-providing agencies as well.

Learning Management Systems

IEM has helped government and private sector clients develop, administer, track, and report on web-based educational and training programs. By tapping the power of the Internet, our Learning Management Systems—including online, self-paced training and individual assessments— have expanded educational program offerings and broadened student reach, while making programs more cost-effective.

Open Source Solutions

IEM leads the industry in the use of open source solutions for emergency management. We have 15+ years of experience developing enterprise software using Open Source tools, saving one government agency millions of dollars in annual licensing fees. Read more.

Quality Assurance/Independent Verification and Validation (QA/IV&V)

IEM’s quality assurance and independent verification and validation (QA/IV&V) services are enhanced by our deep understanding of software principles and best practices, including information assurance and security management and standards compliance work. Our QA/IV&V services have been used by government and military agencies and organizations requiring very high levels of accuracy in the estimation, design, construction, execution, and management of their projects.

Systems Integration

IEM systems integration solutions help bridge gaps in organizational structure, business processes and operations, and data, while providing operational functionality across diverse technologies. Working with government clients has primed us to think beyond typical jurisdictional lines to the consideration of issues such as technical compatibility and interoperability, operational cooperation and coordination, and cost-effective streamlining of information flows up and down jurisdictional channels.

Website and Portal Development

In addition to web portal and intranet development, application development, training, and maintenance, IEM also provides website design services, including graphic design. IEM has led the development of large-scale, mission-critical enterprise applications and portals for use by state and federal agencies. These include software for federal grant management, emergency response decision support systems that incorporate sophisticated hazard modeling capabilities and communications protocols, and collaboration portal sites that knit together communities of state, local, and federal users for national programs.

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Demonstrated Successes

Over 30 Years of IT Success

25 Years of IT Success Portal
IEM migrated the State of Louisiana's existing website into a full-fledged enterprise application portal. became the main entry point for all information and services for the State of Louisiana. The portal utilizes custom applications to integrate information from numerous state and agency websites and databases, including e-commerce applications for the Louisiana E-Mall.

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