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Energy Sector

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Energy is the lifeblood of a community. Complex and ever-changing challenges to this sector require novel solutions. To prepare for the evolving and demanding energy market, as well as emergencies and the litany of security threats facing the energy sector, multidisciplinary and innovative strategies must be implemented. IEM understands the unique challenges faced by the energy sector, and our energy team is comprised of experienced energy sector subject matter experts and program managers who specialize in providing effective energy resilience strategies.

IEM is the Energy Sector’s partner to prepare for and mitigate against disruptions and energy impacts while increasing your community’s resilience. Whether it’s responding to power outages, fuel shortages, or other energy-related crises, IEM’s experts ensure a resilient and efficient response, safeguarding critical infrastructure and the continuity of essential services.

At IEM, we provide data-driven insights and direct operational support to the private sector and government agencies to develop actionable plans, implement practical resilience solutions, and coordinate complex multi-agency efforts.

IEM Sample Energy Services

  • After Action Reports (AAR) and Improvement Plans (IP)
  • Customizable low-code software solutions
  • Compliance and monitoring services
  • Drone and GIS-aided infrastructure inspections and damage assessments
  • Energy emergency planning including continuity of operations planning
  • Environmental
  • Grants management
  • Novel threat and hazard modeling
  • Policy and regulatory support
  • Program management
  • Project implementation
  • Security and resilience applications for smart and micro-grids
  • Staff augmentation
  • Stakeholder engagement, crisis communications, and outreach
  • Training and exercises

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Energy Sector

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