The Zika Outbreak

In this unprecedented outbreak, scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals, subject matter experts, and the public are learning together about the risks and impacts of Zika. Information sharing is key to keeping our communities healthy.

At IEM, we are working to answer questions about Zika, and offer new information that will help keep the public healthy, so that together we can build safe, secure, and resilient communities.


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Explore Zika Risk Factors

Travel health notices have been distributed to inform travelers about the current health issues relating to specific destinations. The following factors may affect travelers’ health and determine the level of risk in certain areas:

  • Precipitation and rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Human travel patterns and more

IEM's interactive maps allow you to explore the different factors that affect Zika transmission.

For optimal viewing, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and maximizing your browser window before clicking below.

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How IEM Can Help with Zika

At IEM, we are committed to building safe, secure, and resilient communities. Our epidemiologists, public health experts, emergency planners, GIS specialists, and public outreach specialists can assist federal, state, and local agencies in addressing the Zika outbreak. Read more about how IEM can help with Zika or click the icons below.

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The Zika Virus


  • About Zika and Why Now?

  • Zika the Disease
  • zika Health Effects
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Zika Perspective


  • zika 60minutes

    CBS’s 60 Minutes Features the Fight Against Zika

    On CBS’s 60 Minutes the country’s top scientists talk about the fight against Zika and the U.S. government’s efforts to control it.  IEM scientist, Dr. Jenn Kruk, comments on the lack of attention and general dismissal the virus gets from the majority of people who aren’t directly impacted.

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  • zikasafe sex

    Zika Classified as an STD: What You Need to Know

    Unlike other vector-borne diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya, Zika can be spread through the traditional mosquito bite and through sexual transmission.

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  • zika protect yourself and those around you

    Zika: Protecting Yourself Protects Those around You

    Understanding what makes Zika a public health issue will help people appreciate how their individual actions can help contain the spread of Zika.

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  • zika Aedes aegypti Gathany mosquito

    All Mosquitoes are Not the Same When it Comes to Zika

    By now, we all know that Zika virus can be spread to humans through pesky mosquito bites. But why should we care only about specific mosquitoes? Aren’t all mosquitoes the same?

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IEM is providing this website for informational purposes only.  Information regarding Zika is evolving rapidly.  Accordingly, you should not use this website as a substitute for professional advice provided by a qualified healthcare provider. IEM encourages you to consult with a physician if you have specific questions about the Zika virus or its potential effect on you.