Program Management

Taking a Quantitative Approach to Measuring Success

With any forward-leaning or innovative program, success is often determined by an organization’s ability to anticipate, understand, plan for, and respond to change, potential risks or actual threats. IEM’s quantitative approach to program management and the mature methodology that frames it— combined with organizational experience and subject matter expertise—create a mission-focused roadmap for organizations to conduct assessments, make decisions, and set appropriate courses of action.

IEM’s science-based methodology allows decision makers to make objective resource allocation and develop acquisition strategies based on a study of interacting components and conditions—providing a view of many possible scenarios, not simply a linear view of history unfolding. Our quantitative approach has been applied and proved valuable for a wide variety of situations, from helping people make informed decisions about what to do when facing an emergency to helping governments allocate funds in ways that most effectively serve and protect the public.

IEM increases organizational capacity by supplying seasoned professionals in areas of project management and leadership, software engineering and development, systems and network engineering, and testing and accreditation services. We also have special subject matter experts in areas that complement many scientific and technological areas, such as open systems architecture, geospatial technologies, modeling and simulation, psychology, meteorology, and chemical/biological science.


  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Equipment Testing & Evaluation
  • Program Integration
  • Program Management
  • Program Support
    • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
    • Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS)
  • Technical Project Management

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