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It Takes a Neighborhood to Fight COVID-19

We hope Coronavirus will not affect our neighborhood. However, it is likely that it will impact some neighbors in our community and our region.  And these impacts will be varied from health concerns to job security to loneliness and feelings of isolation as we all self-quarantine and limit activities to protect ourselves. 

If there is significant outbreak in our community and we are confined, we will all rely on our neighbors. Neighborhoods and communities will need to be self-reliant. It will take the neighborhood to be safe, secure and resilient. Use email, text message, phone, and social media apps to reach out to your neighbors so you can help them and they can help you face the Coronavirus crisis together.  Lean into each other. 

Together, our communities we will get through this.  It Takes a Neighborhood.

IEM created easily digestible social media content to help amplify the important messages from HHS, CDC, and other authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “It Takes a neighborhood” Campaign encapsulates those messages. Below are the links for the various social media messages and their resources. Please use and share to help spread positive action-oriented messaging during this critical time. Check back often for more messages…

It Takes a Neighborhood to
Help Each Other

It Takes a Neighborhood to
Protect Each Other

Self Isolation Protects
Yourself and Your Neighbors

It Takes a Neighborhood to
Support Each Other

It Takes the
Whole Neighborhood

It Takes a Neighborhood to
Spread the Word


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