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It Takes a Neighborhood to Support Each Other

It Takes a Neighborhood to
Support Each Other

Support those who have to go to work

Some parents and caretakers may still need to go to work every day, here are some tips on how best support those individuals.

  1. Contact neighbors who are still working and ask what assistance they need
  2. Offer to watch their children; make sure the children have washed their hands and are aware of proper hygiene before coming in to your house
  3. Check in on elderly individuals they are caring for during the day with a phone call
  4. Offer to go to the grocery store if the working parent is not able to

Support those the neighborhood who are anxious

Pandemics can cause wide spread concern and anxiety, utilize these strategies to support those who are expressing extreme concern.

  1. Reassure them that following the guidance provided by the CDC is the safest course of action
  2. Gently remind we can only react to the present situation, social distancing and self-isolation will help keep everyone safe
  3. Advise them to take a break from the news and limit their news intake to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night, and from trusted sources
  4. Focus on the positive, think of self-isolation as an opportunity to relax, organize the house, and catch up on sleep when not working

Being mindful of mental health during isolation

Self-quarantining can be a strenuous event for individuals with mental health conditions, keep an eye on all your neighbors to see how self-quarantining is affecting them.

  1. Call your neighbors to check in and see how they’re coping with quarantine
  2. Share online counseling resources
  3. Connect with neighbors on interactive gaming maps
  4. Reading, puzzles and other activities that stimulate the mind
  5. Share at-home work out plans
  6. Remind your neighbors that self-isolation does not mean they can’t go outside. Take a walk – keeping a safe distance (three feet) from anyone they are walking with.

Staying Connected during physical isolation

Check in on your neighbors and family members with a simple phone call, text message or video call. Taking just a few minutes to say hello can have a significant impact on someone’s day.

Staying Connected during physical isolation

Help Your Neighborhood Stay Calm

Spread messages of positivity and support to help your neighbors who might have anxiety.

In neighborhood apps such as Nextdoor and Facebook neighborhood groups share positive messages and stories to brighten everyone’s day during this difficult time. Put a smile on your neighbor’s face and help improve their headspace.

Staying Connected during physical isolation

Keep Your Neighborhood Active

Share these tips on how to stay active during self-isolation and keep those endorphins high.

  1. Go on runs, walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. Individuals can still go outside but it is recommended to stay away from highly populated areas and walks should be limited to 1-2 people keeping a safe physical distance from each other.
  2. Research if local gyms are offering online classes. Many Zumba and Yoga studios are live streaming their classes so individuals can participate from home.
  3. Search YouTube for exercise guidance and routines to follow along at home.
Keep Your Neighborhood Active

Home Schooling Help

As parents face K-12 school closures they are having to homeschool, share this guidance to support your neighbors and fellow parents

  1. Contact your children’s teachers for information on lesson plans, reading materials and worksheets that you can complete with your children at home.
  2. Reach out to the local Parent Teacher Association for guidance.
  3. Utilize online programs and educational websites for creative content.
  4. Keep your children motivated and focused by working alongside them.
  5. Have your children watch educational TV shows while you work from home, such as Ask the Story Bots or Brainchild.
Home Schooling Help

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