Twitter Social Movement Connects Turkey Earthquake Victims with Shelters

Social Media Resources Guide, Part 2

IEM has continued to monitor the social media traffic around Sunday’s earthquake in southeastern Turkey. We’ve identified additional relevant first-hand accounts of the disaster.

A sweeping social movement is happening right now through Twitter to connect earthquake victims with safe shelter in private homes that were undamaged. Over 17,000 people have responded offering their homes to victims of the quake.  The movement was initially started by a reporter, but is now being facilitated through the government.  (#ÊvimEvindirVan)


#ÊvimEvindirVan (translation: “My home is your home, Van”)!/search?q=%23%C3%8AvimEvindirVan

This hashtag is being used by individuals to offer their housing to those left homeless after the quake.

An article on the movement:


Rescue footage:


Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN)