Training and Exercises

Designing and Delivering Training and Exercise Programs That Improve Safety and Security

Drawing on nearly 30 years of exercise and training experience, IEM has worked with both civilian and military protection agencies. Our exercises serve as hands-on training for responders and decision makers. By measuring the difference between expected and actual capability, IEM exercises pinpoint necessary changes to plans, procedures, policies, training, and equipment so improvements in preparedness can be made.

IEM ensures that exercise and training outcomes are always linked to critical program and mission goals. We have extensive experience developing and delivering exercises and training for mission-critical systems and processes. From tabletop and functional to command-post and full-scale, IEM's exercises and training courses are consistent and compliant with DHS Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines.

IEM has particular expertise in developing exercise and training programs to meet specific outcomes or performance measures related to core competencies. Our mature exercise and training development processes allow us to design and produce exercise and training materials accurately under short suspense. Rather than just transferring information, our exercise and training courses are designed to ensure that students actively participate in developing functional knowledge.


Exercise Program Management

IEM's exercise program management includes HSEEP compliant exercises, exercise evaluation, custom scenario development, on-site staffing support, Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) Development, performance measure design, and Exercise Hot Wash & After-Action Reports (AAR), resulting in the establishment of a comprehensive exercise program that evaluates preparedness capabilities and provides specific recommendations for improvement.

Training Development

IEM’s strong multi-disciplinary approach results in the development of comprehensive training programs that help prepare our nation’s emergency responders, emergency management officials, and federal, state, and local leaders. By measuring the difference between expected and actual capabilities, IEM's training and exercise programs pinpoint necessary changes to plans, procedures, communications, policies, and equipment that help ensure improvement.

Training Evaluation

IEM conducts training needs assessment and provides training program evaluation support services to ensure your training program and its participants are hitting the mark. Our comparative, performance-based methodology delivers an unbiased assessment of knowledge retention, helping to identify areas of strength and weakness in curriculum and/or instructional delivery. Armed with this kind of assessment, course delivery can be changed and training results improved.

Classroom / Instructor-based Training

IEM offers personal, on-site training and exercises in a variety of media. We provide training CDs, Help Desk support, and training for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. IEM’s “train the trainer” programs are also popular, due to their reputation for successfully promulgating critical information.

Distance / Independent Study-based Training

IEM ensures that training outcomes are always linked to our clients’ critical program and mission goals, even when students are distance learners, working through self-directed computer-based training programs. IEM has delivered state-of-the-art, web-enabled interactive technologies to a variety of clients, helping to ensure a common understanding among team members.

Red Teaming / Hostile Action-based Drills

Working with clients on Red Teaming/Hostile Action-based drills, IEM helps uncover the vulnerabilities and limitations of existing emergency management plans and frameworks. Our Red Teaming introduces new, unknown levels of aggression that could result from the combined effects of devastation. By constructing scenarios that include unanticipated threat actors or nearly unimaginable circumstances, IEM Red Teaming/Hostile Action-based drills engage all stakeholders in areas outside their planned response comfort zones, testing existing emergency plans in order to reveal areas of weakness and the need for improvement.

Doctrine Development and Integration

IEM provides doctrine development support, program management, and publication support from a wide variety of former commissioned and non-commissioned officers—seasoned professionals who have served in peacetime and combat operation from unit level to the highest staff level at the DOD. The iterative process of periodic doctrine reviews with clients ensures common understanding of new or revised organizational transformation that may drive further doctrine development.

Mixed-Reality Training

IEM’s Smarty Pantz Studios combines the flexibility of modeling in a 3-D virtual world with live actors in a realistic setting to present a variety of life-like situations, helping military trainees prepare for the urban battlefield. The 3-D component helps soldiers recognize and react to the signs of potential IED threats before they deploy to the field. Trainees observe, monitor, and then participate in a virtual marketplace scene full of sights, sounds and potential dangers—and interact with other humans who are either friend or foe.

Specialized Training

IEM understands the importance of supporting our nation’s operational readiness cycle, keeping our forces job-ready and their contributions relevant. At IEM, that understanding forms the foundation of our work to develop and provide effective educational, training, and support resources for specialized personnel, such as military police, CBRNE experts, or engineers.

Case Studies

NIMS/ICS Training and Bioterrorism Executive Tabletop Exercises
IEM was tasked by the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) to develop and implement a training curriculum to provide State Agency Directors with instruction on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Training has been successfully delivered in 11 states, with the ultimate goal of having the training curriculum available to all 50 states. icon-redarrow See Full Case Study

Alabama Emergency Management Agency Multi-Disaster Exercise Support
Under contract with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), IEM worked closely with state and local emergency managers and first responders to establish a comprehensive exercise program for both natural and human-caused hazards. 

Demonstrated Successes

Military Training Support
IEM provides training and other services for Installation Force Protection mission requirements at U.S. Army installations worldwide through our support to the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) and its Chemical, Military Police, and Engineer Schools.

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