Radiological Preparedness

Expert Analysis and Planning Support for Community Protection

Nuclear power is an important source of our nation’s energy supply. Yet the risks posed by nuclear technology and radiation remain a significant concern, especially for communities near commercial nuclear generating plants. Providing reasonable assurance of public protection is essential for building a safe, secure, and resilient world.

IEM’s expertise in emergency management can help ensure that communities near nuclear power plants are prepared for potential radiological releases. IEM has more than three decades of experience helping government protect the public from natural and human-caused hazards. We have worked in all 50 states helping jurisdictions at every level assess risk, develop emergency plans, and test and improve their plans through exercises and drills.

Since 1993 IEM has supported FEMA’s Technological Hazards Division, and has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection to evaluate emergency preparedness capabilities for critical infrastructure. We’ve also been a leading contractor for response planning in all 10 FEMA regions.


Radiological Emergency Preparedness – IEM provides support in all areas essential to ensure community protection. Our services include emergency plan development, protective action studies, public outreach and stakeholder engagement, and capability assessments for response organizations.

Training and Exercises – IEM’s HSEEP-compliant services include exercise program development, exercise evaluation, exercise scenario development (using multimedia tools that include 3-D models), tabletop and full-scale exercises, hostile action-based drills, NIMS/ICS training, customized training program development, and train-the-trainer programs.

Information Technology – IEM’s software development, modelling expertise, and systems support can help develop the tools needed to support preparedness requirements at all levels. We have special expertise in designing and implementing tools for consequence analysis, protective action decision-making, and knowledge management and information sharing.

Relevant Links

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Demonstrated Successes

IEM was a pioneer in developing and implementing the concept of “balanced response”—a risk-based protective action strategy that involves a combination of shelter-in-place and evacuation for maximum public protection. And, we’re considered national experts in evacuation modeling, having conducted more than 20 technological hazard studies.

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